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Braids & Twists | Revolution Hair & Beauty, Paphos

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Revolution Braids & Twists

A braid is a beautifully complex structure or pattern created by interlacing three or more strands of hair to create stunning designs.

See some examples below

Braid & Twists

all prices in € (euros)

full head braids

  • French / Dutch 8
  • Fishtail 10
  • Dragon 15

Braids on scalp

  • French / Dutch   5
  • Fishtail / Dragon / Five strand plait / Infinity / Diamond / Waterfall   8

Dutch Braids with coloured extensions

  • One Braid full head 20
  • Two top braids with ponytail 25
  • Two braids full head 30
  • Four braids full head 40
  • Five braids full head 50

extra services

  • Strands of coloured hair in own hair 2 each
  • Special partings 2 / 3
  • Half bun 2
  • Full bun 5

Hair styling with braids

  • Straightening 5 – 10
  • Curls 5 – 10
  • Extra thick hair 3

Or, pick from one of the following styles…

Please note that the prices above are for braiding on clean, dry hair, and exclude styling (unless stated otherwise). Shampooing and styling will incur extra charges.

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